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This is one of the major and responsive segments for medical hygiene . Our experienced application experts and medical specialists are fully dedicated to providing globally accredited products and setting international standards for the med-hygiene matters .Our concepts and medical hygiene products are guarantee premium results and prolonged existence of high quality supplies. We offer a wide range of products that can clean and fully decontaminate the air, environment, instruments, medical devices, probes and Surfaces.

Our proficiency covers all aspects of hygiene concepts from the necessary analysis through execution to quality assurances. We guarantee the realistic implementation and regular analysis of measures for your specific needs.
Accrete Health & chemical division develops produces and distributes several brands coming with reliable quality and great benefits for the user.


Detergents – Hospital Hygiene and Surgical Instruments

We had a wide range of manual and auto dispensed type medicated detergents products for the cleaning of Medical wards, surgical instruments, Laboratory glass ware and other utensils. These products are available in different variants includes high concentrates, low/high form and ready to use modes. Also, we offer a tailor made custom products for customer requirements.

  • Multi Purpose Detergents
  • Quart nary Detergents
  • Enzymatic Hospital Grade Detergents
  • Detergent for Endoscopes/Medical Devices (surgical & Dental)
  • Neutral medicated Detergents
  • Heavy alkaline Detergents (Ultrasonic/Automated decontamination)
  • Bed Pan Wash Detergents
  • Enzymatic Liquid Laundry Detergents(For medical users only)



We had a wide range of medicated disinfectant products for high level disinfection of environment Medical device, surfaces in critical care areas and infection & prevention practice. These products are available in different variants includes high concentrates, ready to use system and auto spraying form.

Also, we offer a tailor made custom products for customer requirements.

  • Sporicidal Disinfectants
  • Phenolic Disinfectants
  • Quartnary Disinfectants
  • Virucidal disinfectants
  • Peroxide based Disinfectants
  • Chlorinated Disinfectants and Tablets
  • Disinfectant Wipes


Laboratory Hygiene & automated hygiene for medical devices.

We offering a wide range of products and dispensing control equipments offers an outstanding and safe cleaning and disinfection of equipments, surface in high quality standards, durability are just as little achieved as compliance with regularity requirements and legal provisions.

  • Neutral Detergents for Endoscopes/Medical Devices (surgical & Dental)
  • Biological Enzymatic cleaning Detergents
  • Multi Purpose Detergent cum Disinfectants
  • Special detergent for surgical equipments and surfaces


Surface Active Sanitizers

Our surface sanitizers are specially developed for sensitive surfaces and must be act as a comprehensive spectrum of activity including vircuidal activity and against bacterial spores.
Our main product varies..

  • Peroxide based active surface sanitizers
  • Quaternary based surface active sanitizer Concentrate
  • Alcohol based surface sanitizers
  • Oxygen Active Sanitizer cum Disinfectant cleaners
  • Enzymatic surface sanitizer for CCU/Laboratory applications
  • Surface sanitizer – Ready to Use
  • Medicate sanitizer cum Disinfectant wipes


Hand Hygiene

Hand Washing – Proper hand hygiene is one of the best preventing method for spread of infections. Especially in medical sector, your hand can easy come into contact with various germs, maintain proper hand hygiene is a strong preliminary line of defense to you and your patients from germs. As part of our social commitment, we develop a wide range of Antimicrobial liquid soaps, foaming soaps, Hand Sanitizers, Medicated hand soaps and antiseptic wipes. These products are all fundamental in helping to provide patient protection by reducing the transmission of germs.

  • Anti microbial Hand Soaps
  • Luxury Foaming Hand soaps
  • Medicated Hand Lotions
  • Surgical Hand scrubs
  • Hand Disinfectants
  • Hand sanitizer cum Disinfectants
  • Hand Disinfectant Wipes
  • Hand Hygiene mounting System & Auto Dispensers

Accrete Hand Hygiene poster is available for free download


Miscellaneous – Infection control & Preventive care solution

  • Laboratory Equipments & consumables
  • Peroxides
  • Glycerol
  • Iodopher solutions
  • Surgical spirit
  • Methanol
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Methyl alcohol
  • Scrubs
  • IPA based Disinfectants
  • Pet Hygiene solutions
  • Auto Dispensing Units
  • Trigger Bottles
  • Medical grade tissues
  • Personal Protective Items (Medical grade)
  • De odouriser products

and many more. If you have enquiry, Please contact us